With the Government's Future Airspace Strategy heralding unprecedented changes, there are many within Government and the Aviation industry making decisions on current airspace use WITHOUT CONSULTATION or responsibility for the impact of NOISE and pollution these changes are bringing to communities.

The introduction of concentration and Precision Based Navigation has brought many new communities into the noise footprint of Heathrow and many more may be yet to experience the same unwelcome increase in aircraft noise in the future. The immediate impact has been felt by many - these issues are irrespective of any expansion of Heathrow.

COMPLAIN when you are disturbed - (always include your name & address otherwise the complaint may not be registered). We can't say it often enough - the number of complaints is not only reviewed by Government but also Heathrow to identify 'hot spots' of noise issues.

Email Heathrow at [email protected]
Online form at www.heathrow.com/noise/what-you-can-do/make-a-complaint-about-noise
Freephone 0800 344844

Write to or email your MP, local councillors and those within the industry and Government responsible for the decisions which will determine our future noise experience.

Spread the Word! Many people being affected are still unaware there is a campaign group trying to address the issue. We have flyers available if you would like to distribute in your immediate road or area. Download Flyer here

Opposed to Expansion?
Given the Government’s recent controversial decision to press ahead with a third runway at Heathrow, Vote England has created a poll taking place on the subject at www.VoteEngland.org

Vote England is a secure voting platform, registered users can vote only once on any subject and they must also be on the Electoral Roll.   Information from the website has been quoted in parliamentary debates. 

News of this poll is being circulated to campaigning groups from both sides of the debate in the interests of fairness. 

Fly considerately! Many of you now have first hand experience of the devastation to work and family life caused by aircraft noise. We must all be considerate to airport communities wherever they are and if we choose to fly we should, as an absolute minimum, avoid early morning departures and late night arrivals - yes it's cheaper but we all know the misery of being woken by such flights!

BA is the main contributor to noise in our area and to date has been unwilling and now categorically refuses to investigate why flights are now lower and more concentrated. The only thing this industry understands is money - so boycotting BA would hit them where it hurts.

Is your journey absolutely necessary - could it be made by train?

These are tough choices but can none of us expect to take advantage of cheap air travel and at the same time be immune to the social impact of noise which is the real cost.

Aviation industry contacts

Heathrow Complaints :
[email protected]

John Holland Kaye, CEO Heathrow Airport :
[email protected]

Matt Gorman, Sustainability & Environment Director, Heathrow :
[email protected]

Cheryl Monk, Head of Community Relations & Policy :
[email protected]

Martin Rolfe, CEO - [email protected]
General email : [email protected]

Government and local Councillors

MP (3 Villages)
Rt Hon Michael Gove, MP for Surrey Heath:
[email protected]

Department for Transport:
Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP - Secretary of State for Transport
[email protected]
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport:
Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon
[email protected]

Surrey County Council:
Mike Goodman:
[email protected]

Lightwater Councillors
Surinder Gandhum:
[email protected]

Rebecca Jeninnings–Evans: (Represents SHBC at the Heathrow Community Noise Forum)
[email protected]

Jamila Caroline Halovsky-Yu

Bagshot Councillors:
Ruth Hutchinson:
[email protected]
Katia Malcaus Cooper:
[email protected]
Valerie White:
[email protected]

Windlesham Councillors:
Moira Gibson (Leader SHBC):
[email protected]
Conrad Sturt: (Represents SHBC at the Heathrow Community Noise Forum)
[email protected]