Concentrated flightpaths will be our future unless we take action and make our voices heard!

concentration of flights means more noise, more pollution.


Excluding Heathrow commitment in Tory manifesto won't fool anyone, Lib Dems warn

The Liberal Democrats have warned Theresa May she "won't fool anyone" if plans for a third runway at Heathrow are absent from the Tory manifesto. Full Telegraph article

Anyone can submit an email to the PM so I have today sent her my own message:

Dear Mrs May
Brexit may be the issue on which you consider this election should be based, but I can assure you that for thousands of people, your spectacular volte face on the issue of Heathrow expansion will determine who receives their vote.
The impact politicians will have on life simply pales into insignificance when compared to the intolerable adverse and long-term impact of an expanded Heathrow to the environment, quality of life, health and well-being of thousands of people, most particularly mine!

As no decision has yet been made as it is remains subject to a vote in the HoC, Heathrow expansion must be included in your manifesto so that those most likely to be affected by the adverse consequences of an expanded Heathrow for many years beyond a single term of parliament, can make an informed decision at the ballot box.
Yours sincerely
Rosalie James

DfT refuses to hold Heathrow expansion consultation events in Surrey Heath - but at our May 10 event you can have YOUR say!

In 2014 Flight Path trials brought unprecedented levels of aircraft noise.   The Government is trying to consult on, and approve a third runway without knowing or telling people where flight paths will be. 260,000 additional aircraft means the use of concentrated flight paths, the effects of which we experienced during the trials of 2014!

The Government recently held a series of public consultation events on its recommendation to expand Heathrow but deliberately excluded many areas known to be affected by aircraft noise, including Surrey Heath .   A decision Cllr Mike Goodman (SCC) called ‘utterly perverse’ when he challenged the government’s decision to exclude Surrey Heath.   The rushed consultation (details at has been described by many as deeply flawed with vital information excluded.  

Aircraft Noise 3 Villages has organised a drop in event to provide information and Freepost response cards (the most important postcard you may ever send!) on:

Wednesday May 10th between 6pm and 9pm 
Olive Room
St John's Church
Church Road 
Windlesham GU20 6BL

This event is open to anyone, from any area - please spread the word and encourage as many people to attend or respond to the consultation as possible.   Full event details

Even BA suggests the cost of crossing the M25 should be worked out before runway plan

Heathrow’s expansion should be suspended until plans to build a runway over Britain’s busiest motorway have been assessed, ministers have been told.    The owner of British Airways said that the development should not be confirmed until detailed plans for the M25, which will pass under the third runway, are finalised.    Source:  The Times April 3

BA calls for Heathrow expansion to be suspended


Heathrow expansion: Michael Gove under the spotlight after turning down public meeting with constituents

April 3, 2017 | Isabel Dobinson Get Surrey

The battle for representation in the Heathrow Airport consultation continues for Surrey Heath, despite efforts by Surrey County Council (SCC) to include the borough in the expansion talks.  On March 17, SCC publicly challenged the government's refusal to hold Heathrow Airport expansion meetings in Surrey Heath and Elmbridge.

However, such attempts have not satisfied campaign group, Aircraft Noise 3 Villages (AN3V) who demand action over increased aircraft noise in Lightwater , Windlesham and Bagshot .While Surrey Heath Borough Council (SHBC) and SCC continue to be prodded, campaigners are now putting local MP Michael Gove under the spotlight for refusing to take part in a public meeting with constituents.

Representing AN3V, Rosalie James told Get Surrey : "Michael Gove has yet again turned down the offer of a public meeting at which constituents could question those responsible for representing our best interests."He has, however, confirmed the Department of Transport (DfT) will not leaflet or hold consultation events in this area."In an email to Mr Gove, Miss James stated: "The public meeting was requested by many people keen to understand what your position and that of the council is in terms not only of existing noise, but how residents will be protected from yet more noise IF expansion is finally approved.

"It would have presented an opportunity for you and those who will be directly involved in taking that final decision by way of House of Common vote, to reassure constituents that concerns are being adequately addressed and outline how this area will be protected from further aircraft noise."Miss James continued: " I urge you to reconsider your position on a meeting or at least provide some detail on how you are proposing to defend the interests of Surrey Heath residents already considerably affected by noise."In February, Miss James accused SCC and SHBC for ignoring complaints and having their "heads in the sand " over plans for a third runway at Heathrow.A month later, the group said the consultation process was "flawed" and "biased " after the three villages were missed during the distribution of one and-a-half million leaflets inviting people to free public consultations.  

Since, AN3V has filed two Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, demanding to see evidence of the information reported back by the SHBC's two representatives at the Heathrow Community Noise Forum (HCNF).   Another request was issued to see the correspondence passed between SHBC and DfT regarding the leafleting for the public consultation events Surrey Heath was excluded from.

When approached for comment, Mr Gove said: "I believe it is important for my constituents to be consulted regarding the draft Airports National Policy Statement, and that is why I joined forces with two other Surrey MPs to argue for Consultation Information Events to take place in our constituencies."He added: "I am pleased that the Department for Transport has now agreed to send representatives to such a meeting and I will work to ensure our meeting takes place shortly."

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