by 2020 we will see the biggest changes to airspace in Aviation history concentration of flights means more noise, more pollution.


Why do we need a campaign?

Since the trials of 2014, many communities continue to be blighted by increased aircraft noise and the level of public outcry is growing with unprecedented levels of complaints received by Heathrow.

  • An increase in aircraft noise coincided with the trials and has not gone away since the trials ended
  • Trials were stated to relate to departures only but coincided with a huge increase in arrivals noise, which has also not gone away
  • Period of noise can now be from as early as 4.30am until 11.30pm depending on wind direction
  • Many 3 Villages residents are now suffering as a result of concentrated flight paths over our area - changes which have been made without Consultation or Government approval.
  • Our MP and Councillors are fully aware of the issues but little action taken by them pending the outcome of independent data verification (secured as a result of campaign groups) from Heathrow. Why?
  • An expanded Heathrow means an additional 240,000 planes a year that means an even worse situation - with possibly one plane every 2 minutes!

What is the group doing?

3 Villages campaign has been instrumental & actively involved in:.

  • Securing the early end of flight trials in November 2014
  • Ensuring Heathrow installed a Noise Monitor locally, the data from which is now being analysed
  • Writing to MPs and Government Ministers demanding our skies are returned to pre-trial levels
  • Collaborating with other local, regional and national campaign groups - all experiencing the same increased noise issues. Over 31 noise groups now exist and the number rising every week!
  • Meeting with the DfT, responsible for the regulation of the aviation industry, as well as CEO of Heathrow and NATS.
  • Raising the issue of noise on health with Government
  • Demanding the aviation industry is held accountable for the impact of noise on communities resulting from any changes it makes to airspace or procedures
  • Demanding a full parliamentary inquiry into current noise levels ahead of any decision to expand Heathrow